Friday, July 25, 2014

Nesting Broad-winged Hawks at Elk Island National Park

Tucked away in a Trembling Aspen along the Elk Island Parkway is this Broad-winged Hawk nest, which we first noticed in early June.

Today, July 25th, the young are perched on branches adjacent to their nest and appear poised to fledge.

I post these photos with mixed feelings as nest photography is fraught with ethical issues. These shots were captured out the window of my car along a busy roadway. Obviously the birds were aware of my presence but I didn't observe an signs of distress during my short stops.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mid-summer paddle on Astotin Lake - Red-necked Phalaropes!

We enjoyed a nice after dinner paddle on Astotin Lake, in Elk Island National Park. Not surprisingly, a flock of ~50 adult Red-necked Phalaropes were part of the expected leading edge of southbound shorebirds.
Good paddling mates!

Red-necked Phalaropes on Astotin Lake